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Sunday, 19 August 2007

Induction Service

The Deacons of the church: Mary McFarlane,
Etta Stephen,
Matty Woodbridge,
Bill Campbell,
Moira Peters;

Laying hands on the Frasers, asking for God's blessing in ministry.

The event filled God's house with faithful members and supportive neighbors.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

A New Song

What a glorious time at the Cochrine Hall on Sunday night, 12 August!

There was a strong showing among a diverse group of Alva residents and neighbors. More than five churches along the foothills, an article in the Wee County News, and several gracious shops that lent window space all contributed to the buzz as the event brought out more than a hundred people (actual figure subject to 'pastoral rounding').

The Choir shared the beautiful songs of their homelands: Romania and Chile. They learned many songs in English to share with their new friends. We enjoyed the music, and the honest expression of their hearts.

It is not common to hear the gospel preached in a secular hall, nor was the response of the crowd at all common. I have rarely seen people lifting their hands in front of strangers for prayer at a public event that was not billed as a Christian event. Hearts were ripe to respond to God's invitation.

Kind people from several churches from Alva to Dollar fed and hosted the choir members.

Many were blessed.

Life Without Stabilizers

So my son has training wheels on his spider man bike.
He leans right and left and thinks he can ride.

It was so nice and cozy with three pastors: Dave Barrie, Marc Hamer and David Fraser.
Well, we are now trucking along with just the 'new' minister to look to.
Thank God he looks to God!

Be careful when you think you stand lest you fall.
Be careful when you insist you can ride and demand the stabilizers off! :)

God is good and this church is a blessing to serve.