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Monday, 30 November 2015

Advent 1 the Promises about the Jewish Messiah

Part 1
Explanation that Advent is mere tradition; and a clear Definition of The Messiah (Christ).

Part 2
What did people expect from a Messiah? God's promises to Satan, Abraham and Moses, as recorded in the bible. (Genesis 3, Genesis 12, Deuteronomy 18)

(The sermon on the nature of the devil at the fall of man [Genesis 3] is found on 29 March 2010)

Part 3
The Promise to David by God is another basis for the claim of Jesus as the Anointed Leader of Israel: the Messiah

Part 4
Who was Ahaz?  What did HE ever do?

Part 5 Prophecy
Why Does Ahaz matter in the Christmas Story?
What are the special circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus which God shared before they happened?

Monday, 23 November 2015

Exodus 24 Covenant

Part 1 - Consequence and Covering
What was up with Moses collecting the blood from the animal sacrifice? (which was not killing an animal to please God, but instead an appropriation of the butcher shop for a religious purpose)

Part 2 - Chosen
God does the work, and we agree to follow.  
God has established His witness and testimony among us, and we decide to follow.  
God brings us to where we may agree sincerely, and then we are accountable.

Part 3 - Commitment
Do you live your life like a person who is committed to Jesus.  
Would it mean more if we had been speckled with the blood of an animal sacrifice? 
Or if you had signed on the dotted line?  
What is the basis of our belief and behaviour?