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Keeping Connected

In the midst of this global pandemic, we have adjusted our worship modes to continue to connect in any way that is safe and effective. Primarily , we have opted for meeting in-person, (as and when we are able, in the context of the current health and safety guidance).   For those who are unable to do so, we have developed the  option for connecting on Zoom .   Following-on from there, we employ  YouTube ,  Facebook , Twitter  and  Instagram  for various means of outreach and communication. Our ongoing ministry schedule is as follows:          Sunday Morning Service        11am In-person [as able] on Brook Street at FK125JQ (See current Scottish government guidance for Alva) 11am on Zoom  at       It is a regular part of our worship to hear expository preaching from The Word of God ('catch-up' recordings are available on   YouTube )      There is a short  Daily Reading of the Bible on FaceBookLive, scheduled through an 'event' a

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