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Announcements 14 March 2021

Nomination of Deacons   An email will be circulated this week with a list of members  who qualify to be considered by the membership for nomination. • along with some pertinent scriptures • And a description of the procedure agreed by the church for nomination.   There is a Family Ministry meeting this Wednesday 17 March at 8pm. To discuss how families with young children can come together • For Palm Sunday and Easter • As well as how the church may want to welcome families            to gather together in the sanctuary As lockdown eases-up  • As we look to return to a more regular practice of worship   There is a Church Meeting scheduled for Tuesday 30 March 7:30pm • Members are expected to attend as able or kindly offer apologies   There are Regular bible studies and prayer meetings • Scheduled at various times throughout the week,  • on various days,  • both daytime and evening opportunities to gather Please make the effort to participate in at least one of the

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