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Sunday, 25 March 2012


Part 1 We get closer to God through Praying. Deliberate prayer allows for faith-building responses to prayer. God still does answer prayer in sometimes miraculous ways. Times of public prayer, when earnestly shared and not merely exercised for keeping up appearances, allow for the public witness to God at work among us today.

Part 2 The desire to pray comes up against our inability to muster the strength to be found as faithful as we figure we ought to be in prayer. God establishes the strength we desire, strength we discover we do not have in and of ourselves. The real question is: are we even willing; and if so, do we seek God for strength?

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Demons, Dogs and Answered Prayer

On Mothers' Day Mark 7:24-30 brings us the story of a faithful, stalwart mother who draws near to God for something only He can deliver.

The persistence of this mother illustrates the labour of unceasing prayer.  This story (told in Mark 7 and Matthew 15) arms us with the patience we need, to continue in prayer when it appears we are getting no result.

This Mother goes away successful in her petition and God is glorified by her great faith.  We would do well to follow her example and draw near to God in Prayer.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Tradition and Truth

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In Mark chapter 7 Jesus is quoted in His confrontation with religious rule-keepers.  As they assail Him for not keeping petty rules and traditions, He points out other rules which contradict what God actually requires.  We believe Jesus did this to highlight that rules which men contrive do not necessarily honour God; and that hollow religion, made up of rules and content with controlling behaviour, sometimes actually contradicts the heart of God for people.

Jesus, God in the flesh, was 100% alligned with the heart of the Father and the religious imposters did not recognize this because their hearts we so far from God. Even though they followed the religious system of rules to the letter, they were bound by the letter which could not save them, and were not lead by the Spirit of God who leads sinners to freedom.