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Monday, 12 March 2007

Walk For Romania

Sorry we're a bit behind here in posting. We intended to have this post up about a week ago but some technical difficulties got in the way.

The shot to the left is of those of us that went out walking to raise money for the team heading down to Romania to help out an orphanage.

We had a great time covering about 6 miles of Clackmananshire and when our tired feet finally arrived back at the church, we had some really nice soup and sandwiches to greet us.

Amazingly, with just this small group we were able to raise several hundred pounds which will go very far in Romania. Praise God for that and the weather that held out during the walk. We were a little worried because it was raining before the walk and after it but during, we never felt a drop.

Thanks also to all those who sponsored us as well as the cooks who made the amazing soup, sandwiches and chocolate cake.

This month in leading up to the trip to Romania we are praying specifically for this nation and the team heading down. We will have report when the team returns so stay tuned.

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