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New Pastor? Stay Tuned.
No. it's not one of those guys to the left. More on that down below.
This past Sunday we had David Fraser preach and it was a great message he shared from John 5:31-47. I wish we could post it on here for you but unfortunately we don't have things together for that yet. We do have a real website in the works where we will have podcasts of all the sermons and as soon as that is completed we'll let you know.

The main reason David came to preach was that he is a candidate for the role of the pastor at Alva Baptist Church. He was very well received and this Wednesday the church will have an official vote to officially offer him the position. I will post an update on that as soon as we have the final results.

Film Night This Friday

That's right, this Friday night we will be having our 3rd film night. We look forward to another thought provoking film to spark some good discussion afterwards. The popcorn should be good as well.

Stay tuned for more updates soon.