God is Moving!

Its getting cold in Scotland! But that drove in about 10+ teenagers last night to our kids club at Alva Baptist Church (on top of the 12 or so kids who already come). And they didn’t ruin it for the younger kids AND they stayed for the preachy bit to hear about how the righteous live by faith and a part about Sheep & Goats where Jesus describes the righteous sheep as those who love one another well in action. We also got to teach that God did not create Hell for people, but for the Devil. And encouraged that Jesus came to save every person! (Even the jerks, as one kid asked)

AND this one rude, scoffer actually stepped into the main sanctuary, into the pulpit and began to read my sermon from last week about abiding in Christ’s word, knowing the truth and being made free! He stopped at each line and asked “now what the #@!$#$% does that mean?” And I patiently explained, loving beyond my offended heart!

We could have insisted on appropriate language, we could have insisted on a sterile place untouched by the hands of unbelievers, but instead I watched as God tugs on the heart of a sinner. Ministry is a messy business. (sheep smell) I can see how God chooses the least and the lost and calls them to serve Him. (in the mirror!)

We are seriously committed to being nice to young people whom God loves; and showing Christian love in the face of insults and derision from the blind and the captives.

Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!

Dave & Liz