Comm-unity and discipleship are two concepts we are wrestling with when we gather as the church

'Churches' masquerade as communities when they don't afford opportunities to forge relationships.

The audience 'hearkening' to the preacher serves a purpose, but is community achieved?
Does THAT constitute discipleship?

Do we have real faith, if it is never tested?
Will we actually follow the axioms we herald and profess to rely on?

I am reminded of a t-shirt that sported a phrase from a nursery report-card:
"Plays well with others"

Real-time exchanges betray a more true picture of the state of my heart.
This can offend as often as encourage others about my sincerity.

If we just all blog and shop on amazon and order tesco groceries delivered as we earn money through the online service community, will that qualify as living?

If the church gathers, sits still for an hour and vacates to brunch appointments across the land, does the Christian grow more Christlike as a result?

If we follow Christ, shouldn't that mean that, like him, we are immersed in the community and in ongoing fellowship with one another?

Its all theory unless we see practical application.