The following prayer was offered at the Sunday Service on 18 January. While Terry insists that the prayer is not entirely original, it is a fine and comprehensive tool for intercession.

It went as follows:
"As we meet in prayer before God, I would ask that we remember our families and friends. * We name in our hearts those who live a long way from us, who we don't see as often as we would desire. We remember all those who are sick, people in hospital, and at home. We would remember before God all sick named in our service leaflets. We would also remember before God, those who have lost their loved ones and are sad. We ask that every one of them and their families and friends feel the warmth of God's loving support. *

We remember all prisoners in their isolation and suffering the world over, we ask for the safety of all people caught up in events outside their control, War, Kidnapping, Epidemics, Starvation and Poverty. We give God thanks for the miracle escape of the staff and passengers on the American airline that crashed on the Hudson River in New York. We pray that the war between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza is to be finally resolved, and that leaders of all countries strive for a speedy settlement of the conflict.

We thank God for all his mercies to us, for the joy of making our lives in this beautiful place, the beauty of the hills and glens, the fellowship of our church, for giving us good food, good homes and good friends. We thank him for the gifts of spirit, books and music. We would remember to God the family of the church. We would ask God in prayer to bless our church and to bless David our pastor and family. Help them to enjoy the true friendship of Scotland.

In our church the most imposing item is the statement God Is Love. God loves us. With this knowledge let us all pray for the strength to show our love to God, to love our neighbours and to and live our lives as he would have us do.

We would ask Lord that you strengthen our beliefs and love, and maywe all constantly remember that you are our loving God. In thiscertainty we ask for you to forgive us our weaknesses and doubts aswe continue to marvel at your works. Most of all, may we thank youGod for allowing us to come here each week in fellowship andworship as we enjoy the blessings of your word.