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Saturday, 16 April 2011

What is God up to in you?

.. The work of Jesus in the world is two-fold.

It is a work accomplished for us, destined to effect reconciliation: between God and man; it is a work accomplished in us, with the object of effecting our sanctification.

By the one, a right relation is established between God and us; by the other is the fruit of the re-established order. By the former the condemned sinner is received into the state of grace; by the latter the pardoned sinner is associated with the life of God....

How many express themselves as if when forgiveness, with the peace which it procures, has been once obtained, all is finished, and the work of salvation complete.

They seem to have no suspicion that salvation consists in the health of the soul, and that the health of the soul consists in holiness.

Forgiveness is not the re-establishment of health, it is but the crisis of convalescence. If God thinks fit to declare the sinner righteous, it is in order that He may by that means restore him to holiness."-Godet.

What is God up to, IN you?

1 comment:

Alva Baptist Church said...

this language is so obtuse!

Simply it means:
God didnt just save you FROM something
He saved you FOR something

He calls us to Him to be a part of the kingdom
AND to live kindom-oriented lives now.