Mark 10:45-52 Blind Bartimaeus

The Holy Spirit shares this story of a specific person, in a specific place, whom God stops to meet with.  God shares his name. (God knows your name!)

On his way to die on the cross, on purpose; with full knowledge of what was about to happen over the next week or so; surrounded by followers who could not grasp the gravity of the unfolding events; Jesus stops to meet a desperate man who recognizes Him as King and Messiah; a man who recognizes that Jesus has the power to heal his blindness.  

This blind man has no sight, but great insight.  He is paying attention to the evidence about the person of Christ.  Not distracted by the world, since his participation is limited, Bartimaeus is able to grasp the truth about Jesus.  His faith (knowledge, belief AND trust) that Jesus is the Christ, is 'where' God met him that day.

Bartimaeus knew he had great need and cried out again and again, in spite of people telling him to be quiet.  In spite of people who were embarrassed by his pathetic screaming out. And he sprang up when called, forsaking creature-comforts like his cloak, to come to Jesus.  And healed, Jesus bid him to go his way; but Bartimaeus chose instead to follow Jesus in THE way.

Do you have great need?  Have you cried out?  Have you lost the will to keep calling out?  Learn a lesson from Bartimaeus: It is worth seeking out the one, who alone can help you.  Don't let others define your worship of God.  Come to Him.

"Although my memory's fading,
I remember two things very clearly:
I am a great sinner
& Christ is a great Saviour.“
 ~ John Newton
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