More Law

In Exodus 22 we see Moses representing a picture of closeness to God reflected in the absolute standard of holiness and commitment to God.

We look at some remedies to justice issues that come right out of the Law given to Moses, for God's people, by God.

The problems of the world are ours, not His.  God is really there and He is not burdened by our tangles.  

He presides over the raising-up of rulers. A God who sees, who hears, who comes to deliver, who brings His people through their trials.

We read in the New Testament writing of Peter: 'in your hearts revere Christ, having a good conscience, because you have nothing to be ashamed of'.  The holiness required in Exodus, is applauded in the New Testament.  The scripture calls us to be a-people-delivered, from beginning to end.

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