Advent 1 the Promises about the Jewish Messiah

Part 1
Explanation that Advent is mere tradition; and a clear Definition of The Messiah (Christ).

Part 2
What did people expect from a Messiah? God's promises to Satan, Abraham and Moses, as recorded in the bible. (Genesis 3, Genesis 12, Deuteronomy 18)

(The sermon on the nature of the devil at the fall of man [Genesis 3] is found on 29 March 2010)

Part 3
The Promise to David by God is another basis for the claim of Jesus as the Anointed Leader of Israel: the Messiah

Part 4
Who was Ahaz?  What did HE ever do?

Part 5 Prophecy
Why Does Ahaz matter in the Christmas Story?
What are the special circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus which God shared before they happened?