Luke 4: Fasting

Part 1
God's message for seekers on the subject of fasting from Luke chapter 4.
Could it be that God, who allowed His own son to suffer hunger, through fasting,
Will work similarly in your life?

Part 2
How can you tell when the bible is being symbolic or figurative, or when it is being fairly straightforward in a literal sense?
Jesus Fasted! You follow this man.
Jesus taught "when you fast" not 'if you fast'.

Part 3
What IS fasting? The biblical teaching on fasting.
judges 20; 1 Samuel 7; 2 Samuel 12;

Part 4
1 Kings 21 Fasting under false pretences (Ahab and Jezebel)
Esther Fasting under pressure with regard to uncertain circumstances
1 Kings; 19 Elijah

Part 5
God's Chosen Fast in Isaiah 58

Part 6
Fasting is about finding rest as we draw near to God and shed distractions.