Part 1
we started with these videos about "Trust Falls"

What is Faith?
What does it look like?

Part 2
We see faith in in the story in Acts today
AND in the description of faith in the Letter to the Hebrews
AND in James' Letter
We see faith described,
in both the Old and New Testament.

Part 3
The point is not merely that God can, or cannot, do miracles like healing;
but that God has sovereign power over ALL His creation.

Part 4

But the point of healing is not only to relieve suffering.
You might even say that healing is not primarily to relieve suffering.

Part 5

Faith only works when it is in line with the plan of God. But the plan of God has been set like a jewel upon the exercise of faith;

Part 6

We are boldly stepping forward, disrupting the story-lines of suffering people who are enslaved to the appearance of this lost and dying world.

A short clip from the Movie Lord of the Rings that was shared at this point can be viewed here:
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