Alternate information about John Allen Chau

the link above to the podcast "Strike the Match" provides the other side of the story:

The guest is Dr. Pam Arlund, a member of the International Leadership Team with All Nations.
Dr. Arlund served as a Bible translator and church planter in Central Asia for ten years.
She now trains and coaches others to make disciples and multiply churches.
Dr. Arlund is a well-informed, credible source.

Chau was a missionary with All Nations.
According to Dr. Arlund, he received training, had an entrance strategy,
and had a strategy for life and ministry on the island.
Dr. Arlund also speaks to the matter that before leaving, Chau received some health care training, worked on obtaining proper vaccinations, and quarantined himself before getting on the boat.
She also addresses the concerns regarding colonialistic practices and Chau’s sanity.

One matter that came as a surprise was that Chau believed the travel restriction had been lifted from the North Sentinel Island. According to the articles linked below (shared by Dr. Arlund), the travel ban was lifted earlier this year until 2022. This included the ban on the North Sentinel Island.
India: Andaman Islands-Restricted Area Permit Abolished
No More Restricted Area Permit for Foreigners Visiting 29 Andaman Islands
29 Islands in Andaman and Nicobar Removed from RAP
Dangerous Tribe Islands to Open to Tourists for the First Time-Despite Previous Murders