Isaiah 58 God's Chosen Fast

The practice of fasting
is present in both the Old and New Testaments.
Jesus teaches on fasting saying "when you fast..."
and not 'if ' you fast.
There are some practical instructions found in the bible
about the motives and means of fasting...

Part 1
Lent involves a spirit of penitence for some. 
But in light of the sacrifice of Christ, this is unwarranted.
But fasting still has a place in modern Christian practice.

Part 2
What happens to people as they draw near to God? 
There is bad news and there is good news...

Part 3
If we were to consider the bible like a compass: 
A point of reference that demonstrates which way is north,
Then Prayer and fasting may be considered
a means of remembering… take the compass out of our pockets and refer to it... navigate according to true north... adjust our paths.

Part 4
In fasting, as we deny our fleshly desires for food,
we are reminded…

Part 5
Fasting just might be
the lost spiritual discipline of the 21st Century Church