Romans 1 Servants & Apostles

Part 1
Peter refers to the LAST DAYS in Joel; and Peter points at their present experience… saying 'this is it!'  Paul writes a letter to the church living in Rome at the start of this 'closing era': the last days

Part 2
Paul and Peter embraced each other's teaching about the present age. The things happening at his time… and which events continue into our time

Part 3
2 Peter 3 "...what sort of people ought you to be...?"

Part 4
These are the LAST DAYS (an idea taken from Joel, from Peter and, as we will see, from Paul)
We are to live like it's real.
The LORD is coming back to bring justice, which means judgement.

Part 5
In 2 Pet 3:15-16, Peter confirms that the writing of Paul is scripture.

Part 6
called to be an apostle...called to belong to Jesus Christ