Romans 10 "Hope" (2nd Week of Advent)

As Christmas draws near, we reflect on r aspects of the Gospel Message:
Faith, Hope, Love, and Peace as we encounter these ideas in Paul's Letter to the Romans

This week we see Hope in Romans Chapter 10.
Listen to the Sunday Sermon chopped into wee bite-sized pieces below:

Part 1
Hope is the anticipation that something will arrive.

Part 2
Trusting in Christ is not just whistling in the dark, because you are afraid.

Part 3
What God did then, and does now,
points to a future hope,
for a greater something that he has promised.

Part 4
Where is the hope in these verses?

Part 5
Hope is not a lotto ticket that might pay off;
fingers crossed, but the simple maths are against it.
Hope, in the God of the bible, is absolute confidence.

Part 6
The hope of the Christmas Story
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