Pentecost Sunday & Due date!

Talk about poetic convergence!
We are committed to Jesus Christ, the author of life!
This chapter has had a few twists.

Baby Fraser was pressing in two nights ago and has decided to coast a bit. So far, the Fraser boys have all been 'late sleepers' and waited for induced labour. Our prayer for baby 3 has been for an orderly and timely birth. Today is the last day for that.

Then today we realized the convergence of different reasons this day is significant to different people, or in our case each reason is significant.

The memorial of the birth of the church in Acts Chapter 2 is also the due date for the birth of our child, when Liz would enter into a new chapter of motherhood; This also would be happening on America's Mothers' Day!

Pretty poetic, pretty cool.
Yet as of the writing of this note, no labour.
If you are reading today do pray!

We trust God's timing, but that doesn't change the feelings of a 40 week pregnant woman longing for the birth pangs to yield their fruit! "... desire fulfilled is a tree of life."

Even so come quickly Lord Jesus.