Follow Me

This short episode is a fraction of the sermon preached that day. More was said but only those who followed closely as requested were able to hear the rest.

In the first Chapter of Mark's Gospel the disciples were following Jesus without explanation, based on their trust of the man Jesus. The Pastor asked the congregation to follow him in similar fashion.

Not everyone enjoyed this experience.  Not everyone followed.
The act of following did lead people, beside the preaching pastor, along the road to meet up with the Parish Church down the road in procession to the Alva War Memorial in Johnson Park for a Remembrance Service.

The pastor is just a man and his words have value only to the extent that they are useful in pointing the congregation toward God.  This is why we rely on the word of God revealed in scripture so confidently.

Following Christ, we don't have a flesh and blood person to walk beside, but we do have the sure record of His words and His example; and on this basis we do have fellowship with others in the community of believers that the Bible calls 'Body of Christ'.  There is a principle in scripture that we might describe as 'discerning the mind of Christ in community'. (observed in the Book of Acts 15:4-35) 

We come to know God; we become convicted of sin; we repent (turn away from sin) turning to God for forgiveness; and forgiven, we have fellowship with the Holy Spirit and with each other as redeemed believers.  In this faith we have communion.

Through the word and worship stay close to Jesus and know first-hand what He has said and is saying to His church.  Don't refuse to come when He says 'follow me'.