Scottish Government Consultation on Marriage

Though we may agree about the separation between church and state, let us not fail to participate in this democracy.  Please pray and consider what you will do to make your individual voice heard as a Christian who testifies to a Biblical Worldview. 

The Christian church cannot accommodate sinful behaviour masquerading as a civil rights issue. Racial and gender issues which are genetic, are not comparable to human sexuality which is a behaviour.  While a person may even be more inclined toward a particular orientation as a result of genetics, the choice to engage in particular sexual behaviour is just that: a choice.

As Christians, we must acknowledge individual choice and must also exercise love and mercy towards others who do not believe what we do. It may well be that a secular government which represents all people may find it necessary to accommodate people who do not follow Christ, and who engage in what a Christian will recognise as sin, to develop a social framework for bonding and support.  But this would not be marriage, this would be civil partnership.  This would be the alternative contrivance that the Christian recognises but does not endorse and in fact warns against.

We cannot acquiesce to be forced by legislation to behave in a way which is contrary to our conscience.  It is not the government's job to enforce cultural change under the guise of equality.  The commonly held faith of the Universal Christian Church can not be homogenized with the beliefs of an anti-Christ worldview.

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