Romans 11 Branches and Fruit

Reading of Matthew 24:4-8 speaking to various world events mentioned during intercessory prayer.

Part 1
A servant of God is committed to the other, to the unbelieving. 
In the Apostle Paul's case this happens to be the Jewish nation,
his own people who are not yet believers.

Part 2
God give gifts that build-up the church.
That we might succeed in the great mission that Jesus has given us.
Because these lost souls are going to make beautiful believers when they come.

Part 3
The knowledge of God is not merely knowing that there is a God,
but rather knowing who He is;
what He is like;
what God likes and doesn't like;
...with the goal of growing the body of Christ.

Part 4
As we discuss the importance of 'grafting-in the other branches' to the 'tree of God's kingdom',
we look to the words of Jesus in the Gospel of John chapter 15.

Part 5
What is a 'baptist'?
It is not a denomination, but merely a style of governance.
People gather and agree to 'manage ourselves' a certain way, as we follow Jesus.
There are other fine ways to 'be' church.

Listen to learn how baptists in Scotland propose to follow biblical principles
that help people to live-out the gospel, in a way that grows the body of Christ.

Part 6
Note then the kindness and the severity of God:
severity toward those who have fallen,
but God's kindness to you, (who believe)
provided you continue (to follow) in his kindness.
Otherwise you too will be cut off.