Romans 11 "Standing Firm"

In this chapter of The Letter to the Romans, Paul uses Elijah, an historic bible figure to illustrate his point about God's future plans for the Nation of Israel.  It also serves as encouragement that followers of Jesus not be arrogant about the generosity that He has shown us in Christ.

Part 1
Introduction and review of last week's sermon on Salvation and Perseverance.

Part 2
When Paul refers to Elijah in Romans 11,
are you familiar with his story in 1 Kings, chapters 18 and 19?

Part 3
1 Kings 19
Elijah: 'Auch God, the world is going to hell in a hand-basket!'

Part 4
Sometimes the grind of life calls for us to just take a nap!

Part 5
God is reaching the lost whom He has chosen by grace.

Part 6
What then?  ● ●

Part 7
The practical question is this:
If God were to tell some 'modern Elijah':
'Yet I have reserved unto Myself seven thousand who have not...'
(turned to idols; or given-in to the spirit of the age),
would God consider us among the faithful remnant of believers?