7 June 2020 Romans 15

Hello all,

Looking forward to seeing you all this morning at 11am!
There is a short sermon and some worship songs posted on YouTube at
Alva Baptist Church's YouTube Channel (Click here)

We hope you will find these a useful tool in your personal worship at home today

Here are some questions to consider as you watch the sermon.

About what the bible says:
  - What is ‘the gospel’ of Christ?
  - What is ‘the ministry’?
  - Is this just for Paul or is it for all?

About our personal application of these ideas:
  - If the gospel and this 'ministry' is for you as well as anyone,
how do you imagine the work includes you?
  - What questions do you have, about your place in the rescue mission story?

See you soon at
the Alva Baptist Church Zoom Meeting

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