Sunday, 14 June: Sermon, Questions and Mtg Agenda

Hello all,

There is a sermon on Paul’s Letter to the Romans Chapter 15, verses 22-33

on YouTube at
as part of a worship playlist

We look forward to seeing each other this Sunday and appreciate if you will take time to listen to this sermon before we gather.

Questions for Sunday:
- How have you been hindered by circumstances that keep you from what you would like to do? 
- What are some practical needs in the community that we can meet as the church? 
- What spiritual blessings have you shared-in as a result of Christian ministry? 
- How can you suggest that we pray for Christian ministry in our communty? 

Thank you and may God bless you through the teaching of His word,
~Pastor David Fraser

Final Note:
Just a reminder that we have agreed to a church meeting this Tuesday evening, 16 June, at 7:30pm
Please pray about and consider the following Meeting Agenda Topics:

1.      Treasurer’s Report; Approval of Annual Church returns to the Office of Scottish Charities Regulators (OSCR)  (copy Enclosed)
2.      Gains throughout the Lockdown (What has changed that is good, that we can learn from, what can we retain?)
3.      Ministry on the Return from Lockdown
o   Sundays
o   Bible Studies
o   Prayer
o   Youth
o   Fellowship Groups
§  Phase Two (from Thursday 18 June barring circumstances)
- Places of worship would be able to open for private prayer under physical distancing rules and hygiene safeguards
- There will be a phased resumption of visiting to care homes by family members in a managed way.
- Able to meet with larger groups including family and friends
outside with physical distancing
- Meeting people from another household indoors with physical distancing and hygiene measures.
§  Phase Three: (TBD)
- People can meet in extended groups subject to physical distancing.
- Places of worship open to extended groups subject to physical distancing and hygiene safeguards
- Relaxation of restrictions to attendance at funerals, marriages and civil partnerships.
§  Phase Four (TBD
- Mass gatherings resume in line with public health advice
- All ceremonies can take place, with improved hygiene and other precautions
4.      New Members