Sunday 26 July Romans 16:25-27

Here is a reminder that the sermon for Sunday can be found in a playlist on the Alva Baptist Scotland YouTube Channel.


Here is a link to the playlist:


Please remember that there is a church meeting following the morning service at 11am on Zoom


The discussion will be on the topic of The Apocalypse.
And how the Revelation of Jesus Christ changes the way we see the world.


Here are some questions:
What is the Apocalypse?

How can we know about how God views the world?

Are people basically good?

What is the best way to know how to live, in a way that pleases God?

Based on Matthew 5:14-16 how are we to live?

Is there any truth that there will be zombies at the end of time? (Rev 9:6)

What did Jesus say was the difference between a ‘worldly’ worldview,
and people with a biblical worldview, who see the world the way He does? (John 3:12-21)

How/Why are these two views of the world so different?